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eBook Converter Bundle enables you to convert your files to PDFs, ePub, Kindle mobi, RTF, text and HTML formats.Easy importsWith a flexible and pleasant interface, eBook Converter Bundle’s purpose is to make eBooks available to read for any PC user. You can upload files with a simple drag and drop move, or with a click on the 'Add files' button.Moreover, if you wish to import your files straight from your device, the software allows you to click on the dedicated Kindle, Nook and Amazon Digital Edition buttons and upload your eBooks instantly.eBooks for everyoneeBooks purchased from Amazon, Google Play or Sony, as well as ePub PDFs can be converted to a multitude of formats supported by your PC.You may select the paper size as well, for your reading or printing convenience. You can read eBooks in letter size, or in standard international sizes, such as A4, A5 and B4 to B6.Simple conversioneBook Converter Bundle features integrated DRM decryption and protection removal as well as converting functions. You can read your purchased eBooks from any device, in short time and with no effort.The software performs batch conversion, so you must only upload all the files you wish to have decrypted and let the program do the rest. The process’s status is displayed in the far-right column, so you can view which file is still in progress. Double click on the row prompts a dialogue window that presents details about the conversion.5 star on all platforms5 star on all platformsType: business & careerPublisher: FOSS.AC15 releases1 user reviews(1)Review by Meow MarmoleeThis product is customer rated5/5Great piece of softwarePaid download |eBook Converter BundleDescriptionReviewThis software allows you to convert eBooks in Kobo, Nook, Sony, Kindle, Google Play, iBooks and lots of other formats.eBook Converter Bundle is a powerful tool designed to help you decrypt special eBooks formats, such as Kindle, Nook, Google Play, Sony or Kobo.The software supports most of the common eBook formats and converts them to PDF, ePub, RTF, even text and HTML formats.Easy importsWith a flexible 08929e5ed8

EBook Converter Bundle Crack [Win/Mac]

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